KPI Time — Real-time KPI dashboard

Real-time KPI dashboard



KPI Time for iOS allows anyone to get KPI reports in a real time on the iPhone or iPad screen.


App is suitable for any kind of business and does not require the purchase of additional software or its integration.

KPI Time works in two modes:
1) with data from Google Sheets™ cloud service
2) with data from Microsoft Excel™ file (2007 or later) sent by e-mail.

App creates in mailbox an e-mail message with template Excel file attached, or template Spreadsheet in Google Sheets™.
There are 3 sheets with 2 columns tables in the initial set. User can change the names of the sheets, names of the variables and quantity of the variables by himself.

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The KPI Time application synchronizes data in Google Sheets™ and data in Excel file in user’s mailbox with KPI reports on the mobile device. The data is displayed on the application screen in a structured and easy-to-view form. The user keeps access to this data both online and offline.

Refreshing data in a running application is performed automatically when the user’s mobile device is connected to the Internet.



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